January 03, 2006


Barbie.com offers kids a choice of 3 genders in an online poll. Children may choose I am a girl, I am a boy, or I don't know. I'm pleasantly surprised that Mattel would be so forward-thinking. For many kids who may later develop into transgendered people, this poll question might serve as a ray of hope that and let the child feel that someone understands me. Even the gay community doesn't always understand transsexuals, so for some transgendered youngin' growing up in a conservative area with parents who have little to no experience with gender dysphoria other than The Crying Game, this might be their ONLY hint that what they are feeling about their bodies isn't necessarily wrong. If you feel strongly that you are either male or female--though we know what kind of male will be cruising Barbie.com, don't we?--then just click either one. But if a child is gender-confused, I think giving them a 3rd choice is fantastic. It's not like Barbie or Mattel are cramming sex-change operations down kids throats or anything.

But that's not the way Concerned Women of America sees it. What follows is an excerpt from a soundfile on their website, CWA , where the radio "personalities" discuss how shocked they are by the 3rd option on the poll.

This transgender movement is very dangerous, because they're taking girls in particular, who are confused about who they really are. And some of them even have surgery workshops at some of these transgender conferences--there was one here in Washington a couple of years ago. And they actually had surgeons discussing how the girls how they could come back and have their breasts removed. To have that happen, that kind of surgical mutilation occur before the child even knows who she really is, is just, it's criminal, is what it is. And there ought to be a law.

Well Bob, obviously things could get a lot worse, but we wanted to alert our listeners to the fact that the Barbie.com website might not be safe for surfing for young girls. Moms might need to, you know, watch over the shoulder no matter where the child is on the internet, even something that should be fairly innocuous.

Obviously, this is full of lies.

Lie 1. The transgender movement is not "taking girls in particular". If anything, there are more male-to-female changes to my knowledge.

Lie 2. I sincerely doubt that children are being taken to these transgender conferences as candidates for sex changes or for any other reason. No one is trying to force sex changes on children.

Lie 3. Even if one or two underage girls have attended, no surgeon is going to remove a girl's breasts "before the child even knows who she really is". Because if she's that fucking young and impressionable, she hasn't yet developed breasts which can be lopped off! Unfortunately, to the simple-minded religious mother, this reads as, "I'd better heed the CWA's advice, otherwise they gays will chop little Lindsay's tits off--and probably sew them onto some man!"

Bob goes on to comment that even before this poll Barbie was a scandal, because she's so materialistic and has to have the right dress and car and tropical locations (Go ahead and say it, Bob! LIKE ARUBA!) which is a far cry from the christian's view of a woman, which includes marrying, having children, and making a home. I didn't hear anything about work in there, Bob. Are you so narrow-minded (need I ask?) that your traditional view doesn't even condone a career girl, a spinster, a not transgendered lesbian (oh, what's the difference?) or any other variation of girl which your misinterpretaion of a thousands-of-years-old book doesn't allow for?

Barbie IS materialistic. Her whole life is spent having shit bought for her. She herself is for sale. Ohmigod! A prostitute for children! To turn girls into dykes and boys into fags! And she's impossibly pretty and thin (hear my jealousy creeping in?) and like the air-brushed 20 year-olds on the covers of magazines, she creates an unattainable image of glamor for any child who is homely, stocky, non-blonde, non-white, etc. There I'll agree with you, Bob. I'll also agree that parents SHOULD be watching over their children's shoulders as they surf the web. And jacking off. (Sorry, I'm southern!) And if the brat hesitates or picks "I don't know" when it comes to the gender question, if you really care about your child's healthy development as outlined by modern medicine/psychiatry which accepts some people as transgendered, not some dusty book of fairy tales written before the birth of modern medicine or psychiatry, you'll pay very close attention to this child's telling selection. Not shun the kid's natural development into something which you might need to explore if you're a responsible parent.

I realize that there are more important issues, but I also know that there are transsexuals, drag queens and people who support the notion of the thir sex who visit this site. If you feel strongly about this, you can put in a call to Mattel to say thanks for making that an option on the poll and that you respect their forward-thinking. Otherwise , the only voices that Mattel hear will be negative ones like the CWA. While the issue's still a bit sensitive right now, you may want to wait a little before suggesting the transgendered Barbies with huge tits and cocks or the F-M Ken dolls with facial hair and soft breasts that can be bandaged to appear flatter.

Here's the troll-free contact info:

Mattel products, including Hot Wheels and Barbie:
In the US and Canada: 800-524-8697

or you can try the corporate office at:

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
310-252-2000 tel
310- 252-2180 fax


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny, you would never have a sex change would you ? You would'nt strike that kind of blow to the female sex, no, better leave bad enough alone

4:10 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

You mean have ANOTHER ONE? --B

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I see that they have since removed the third option. Sigh.

11:05 PM  

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