January 04, 2006


Zing!!! Tuesday night, Letterman lit up Fox "News"-caster Bill O'Reilly. David is on fire and really let's Bill have it! If you don't care much about the political issues, this is an entertaining short clip to start with. The video clip's original host used up their band-width immediately cuz at least half the nation wants to see this jerk put in his place! Huffingtonpost.com reposted it on their site.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that. It was good. It had a similar effect on me like what you described about how you felt after Kanye West spoke out against the corrupt Bush administration and also against homophobia.

That oreilly guy is so lame. He makes frequent references to his own show as "the factor" as if it's cool and hip. Lame. I read in tv digest that Bill O'Reilly jacks off into his mother's panties for the tabboo tranny thrill of it all.

David Letterman summarized their conversation by saying "I'm not smart enough to argue this with you point by point but I'm pretty sure that about seventy percent of what you say is just crap." Then he shook his hand and graciously thanked him for coming on the show.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT? We must have seen two
different shows. Bill O'Reilly
chewed up Letterman and spit him out. O'reilly gave facts and Letterman made wild and crazy accusations

5:16 PM  

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