January 03, 2006


This snake pleaded guilty to all charges today. (Actually, this snake is not Abramoff, but a rare two-header being sold on Ebay.) If you want to know who's actually influencing the government, it's not We The People, it's We The Kickbacks. Click on the link to find out what this scum was actually up to. It includes wire fraud, mail fraud, bilking American Indians out of $20 million, accepting $50,000 from a cell-phone company to urge a Republican congressman to use their cellular services in the House of Representatives, engaged in "corruption of public officials." One of whom, I pray, is TOM FUCKIN' DELAY!


Or you can play THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT at JACKINTHEHOUSE and simply click on each politician to and get a run down of who and how he influenced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got it, thirty minutes later. Thanks, Liddy Bonny.

5:32 PM  

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