January 05, 2006


I know there have been reports that he's been hitting the bottle again. Randi Rhodes on Air America played a clip of his speech at some function where he definitely sounded slurred. (Of course, she HAD slowed the clip down considerably. Tee hee!) And even though AA'ers are supposed to be anonymous, word has it in "the rooms" that Bush fell off and one AA'er suggested that Bush drop his pride and join them. I doubt if we'll ever see his arrogance humbled in AA, but wouldn't it be fantastic?

However, booze may not be this bozo's only problem. One journalist is calling for a drug test to account for his unusual behaviour during Katrina.

from www.skrufff.com:

Top US columnist Paul Andersen called for George W Bush to be drug tested following Hurricane Katrina after the US president persistently smirked at inopportune moments and hugged random strangers at a Baton Rouge disaster shelter.

“Bush seems to be heavily narcotized given his lackadaisical role in this volatile, often tragic, world,” Mr Anderson suggested in the Aspen Times, “His recent speech about the devastation of Katrina was almost glib, and there's got to be a chemical rationale for the "What, me worry?"


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Bush Drunk

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