December 09, 2005


Jackie Beat, Linda Simpson, honorary drag queen Joan Rivers and I discuss legendary drag screen performances in this article on Radar Magazine online:


Also on radaronlinecom: and interesting Q & A with Ethan Brown re the Fiddy, Gotti and the McGriff suit/acquital:


An excerpt:

50 Cent has built his entire career based on his street life.

He’s smarter than anyone else in the music business. Even though he’s not really welcome back in Southeast Queens, a lot of those guys respect him because he operates in a similar way. He sees someone, goes after him, takes him down, and destroys him. A guy who said he used to be part of the Supreme team approached me out of the blue and said, “You know, I don’t like Fiddy’s music, but he moves like he’s from the block.”

Do you think there’s a separation between drugs and hip-hop now?

No. Juelz Santana [a protégé of Cam’ron and a member of Harlem’s Diplomat Set crew] is completely steeped in crack language. The CD booklet actually has a step-by-step photo series of cooking crack. There’s a new hustling paradigm in hip-hop. It’s much more direct than anything Irv or Fiddy was doing."


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I don't suppose there's a dvd of this timely round table discussion, is there?

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