December 08, 2005


I was in LA recently and hung out with a friend of a friend of Mariah, who always seems so off, even though I love her voice. Apparently she has her make-up artist color in some coloring imperfections on her dog's face with cosmetics when making public appearances. I also hear that she has a special mic with a control lever so that she can manually increase/decrease the amount of pre-recorded vocals in her track, depending on how strong her voice is that day. But you know what? I still love her and am thrilled that WE BELONG TOGETHER was a smash for her. If you are a true Mariah freak and love soulful house, you MUST check out Craig C's gospel-y remix of IT'S LIKE THAT. Craig, formerly of The Pound Boys, works that tune into a hallelujah hoedown!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her dog's face or her dogface? I think she has an amazing voice but whenever I see her perform on the telly I cringe and run for cover. That she's so much better than so many of these new girls drives me to drink. Ok, ok, I drink because I like it.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember how in the film "Devil's Advocate" someone would appear normal then suddenly their faces were photo shopped into unsettling gnarled things reminiscent of Reagan, the possessed little girl not the vegatative former president of the united states? Everytime I see Mariah Carey it's like she's hovering just this side of one such unsightly fit of photo shopped facial misfortune. She looks like someone still x-ing hard but it's one in the afternoon the day after a rave.

1:35 PM  
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