December 08, 2005


Had a blast at XL last night in my first show of 4 (every Wednesday in December). The sound is great and the place is really cute--I'd never been there before my soundcheck. Too bad I literally mistook Visine for nail glue and popped a drop in my eye. Ouch! But the "sow" must go on! So I had to do the show in sunglasses with one eye made up, the other watering badly. Retarded. But dvds will be on sale at every show so stop by if you want one for 20 measly bucks but ain't got no credit card.

Other notable NYC Xmas shows:

Jackie Hoffman in THE KVETCHING CONTINUES: HANUKHAH AT JOE'S PUB: This gal is hilarious and oh so bitter!


Murray Hill at Mo Pitkins, with different guest stars at each of her 10 shows, including Dirty Martini, Taylor Mac, and Julie Atlas Muz. Murray is the world's most loveable drag king!


JACKIE BEAT IS THE HOLIDAY HO, cutting up at The Cutting Room. A twisted, bitter Xmas tradition!


(Psssst! Find out which NYC drag queen Jackie Beat hates in her interview on!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, that sucks so bad, Bunny. Yet you went on! Who's the hardest working person in show business, again??

8:55 PM  

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