December 27, 2005


FOXY BROWN SLIPS JUDGE THE TONGUE: Rapper cuffed to court bench Friday for disrespectful behavior

*Foxy Brown was almost thrown in jail for 30 days and forced to fork over a $1,000 fine during a court date Friday for allegedly showing disrespect to a judge, including sticking out her tongue to prove that she wasn’t chewing gum.

The rapper, who is nearly deaf from a rare hearing disorder, was in court to plead guilty to disorderly conduct after striking a deal with prosecutors that would keep her out of jail and require her to perform 10 days of community service.

Brown was originally charged with assault in a 2004 nail salon incident in which prosecutors allege she attacked and kicked one worker and hit a second worker in the face over payment for a manicure.


Village Voice describes Li'l Kim's current tour:

Lil Kim. Still on tour, Lil Kim goes from one corner of her cell to another singing "Lighters Up" and occasionally "Lighters Up (Reggaeton Remix)," which is "Lighters Up" with a very pronounced lisp. Pretending cinder blocks are her fans, she sometimes holds a lighter up near the block as if the block is holding the lighter, then gets taken to a nearby hospital for burning her finger.


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check out for kims arrest record when she was a kid in teaneck nj

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