December 27, 2005



Remember that traditional Christmas/Holiday saying? Well, there isn't too much peace or goodwill emanating from our president, despite his claims that he's guided by faith in God. (Which one? Satan? Beelezebub? Mars? Loki?) Bush has started a war against the wrong country, Iraq, where no weapons of mass destruction were found and which had no connection to the Al Quaeda-led 9/11 attacks. It's openly discussed that Bush mislead us by falsifying intelligence to support his desire to go to war. Sure, Saddam was no sweetheart, but that doesn't mean he's responsible for 9/11 either. Bush wanted to attack Iraq before even 9/11, and after the tragedy he played on our grief and fear to get us to back his aggressive foreign policy. Where's the peace or good will in this supposedly Christian man? Does a peaceful man start a baseless war? Does a man with good will toward men allow the torture of other men?

Our tax dollars continue to pay for a war that most Americans no longer support. Yet he keeps on bullishly backing this baseless and unpopular war. Where is the voice of all these Americans who are being polled who distrust the war? Why aren't they more organized? Why aren't they saying much and why did it take so long for even the media to openly second-guess a war which was declared "won" years ago? Are YOU one of these people who is dissatisfied with the Bush administration? Are YOU doing anything? Are YOU saying anything? Are YOU contributing any money to the organizations like which have consistently held Bush's feet to the fire, uncovered his lies and kept those petitions circulating to our representatives to demonstrate our dissatisfaction? If not, then the blood of American and Iraqi soldiers (and Iraqi citizens) is on YOUR hands and YOU had better take some responsibility for the murder that's being committed in YOUR name. That's what a democracy's supposed to be about. How the hell are we going to establish a democracy in the Middle East when our own is slipping away?

We sit back and try hard to imagine why sensible Germans under Hitler's murderous regime weren't screaming out against their leader's atrocities. Well, living as they were in a military state, they had even less freedom to speak out than we do--so what's our fucking excuse for being so spineless and uninvolved? Do we want to be remembered in history as sheep who were too preoccupied with Jennifer Anus-ton's hairstyle or Fifty Cent or sports or American Idol to speak out against our own leader's atrocities? I hope that most of you will answer "no", and if so, as Gwen Stefani put it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get involved now, before more lives are lost! People are dying as I type this! Are YOU doing anything about it? If you have no time to physically join protests, donate! Give a gift to the world! It, unlike many of the recipients of gifts exchanged this year, really needs one! Righting a world class mess like this one takes some commitment from the folks who supposedly care. C'mon out and openly denounce this scumbag--if you're reading this email, you're probably being spied already on so what's the difference?

Rumsfeld went to Iraq over the holidays to console the troops and actually mentioned their "guaranteed heroes position' in history books. Well, as American indians and blacks will tell you, history books have been falsified before and may well be again. But no reputable history book will be singing George Bush's praises when it comes to this illegal war. Bush's secretive administration has held less press conferences than any president since Kennedy. Why? Well, besides the fact that he's unintelligent and can't handle hard questions or even pronounce "tough" words like nuclear, he also has a lot to hide. A liar generally does. Yet through script doctors and joke writers, Bush's approval ratings actually improved after his 4 recent speeches to explain his determination to win the war in Iraq. This is insane! Why on earth would a re-statement of his purpose in Iraq (ie: the same ol' shit) raise his approval ratings when the failing war is illegal to begin with? Either Americans are stupid enough to fall for the reasoning of a stupid man with some decent speechwriters, those poll numbers were doctored, or both.

Sunday on MEET THE PRESS, Ted Koppell stated that there is one thing about the war in Iraq that no one is mentioning: THAT THE WAR IN IRAQ IS ABOUT OIL. Our main pipeline Saudi Arabia has a very unpopular government that could combust at any moment, and without some sort of stability in the Middle East, especially in another oil-rich country like Iraq, the US and Europe would be fucked if our access to Saudi oil were cut off because their large population of discontented youth started a revolution--the kind which we just had a taste of in France with disenfranchised, unemployed, and--OK, I admit it, sexy--youths.. That's why Bush wants democracy/stability/US occupation in Iraq--he's nervously eyeing Saudi Arabia and weighing up other options, including his recent, thankfully failed attempt to begin drilling for oil in Alaska.

But Bush didn't do his homework on Iraq--or much else, including grammar. Years after victory was proclaimed and Saddam's statue was toppled, the leader of the free world with his huge military force and sophisticated weaponry still can't win a war against a much smaller, much poorer nation which couldn't shoot a bomb anywhere near our country if they fucking had one--which they don't! And Bush and Rumsfeld may throw us a bone and mention that a few less troops will be deployed so that their approval ratings will rise, but the fact is, this war may never end. Those Sunnis, Shiites, and whatever else is over there have been bitterly fighting each other for centuries and we've deposed Saddam, the only bastard brutal enough to keep them in check. Now we're faced with the seemingly impossible task of keeping imposing a western-style democracy in the heart of the Middle East, a region which hates and distrusts us! Dream on!

I'll admit, I was a little turned on by the sight of all of those hunky Iraqi soldiers jabbing their soiled fingers in the air after the election. And I'm always resistant to "pulling out"--but back to the war!

I'm no military strategist, so I can't, unlike John Murtha who called for immediate troop withdrawal, concoct a plan for pulling out or guess what it's effects might be. But I do know this. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! AND THE MAN WHO PUT US IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS MESS NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, ESPECIALLY IF HE FALSIFIED THE EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE WAR IS BACKED!

It's really frustrating that Democrats, as the Republicans happily point out, aren't coming up with many solutions. Well, I have an idea for one. Let's start by admitting our mistakes. Let's openly acknowledge that there were no weapons of mass destruction and that there were no ties between Saddam and 9/11. Let's then ask for help, working with the international community to figure this mess out. You can run as many news segments on the UN's "oil for food scandal" to demonstrate the organization's corruptness as you like, but no organization is perfect and the fact is, the United Nations could actually unite and hammer out some plan which might work better than that of an ignorant, greedy and belligerent cowboy whose idea of diplomacy is "You're either for us or against us." As long as there's a world leader like Bush, who is willing to ignore the UN and launch a disastrous pre-emptive attack like the one on Iraq, no one on this earth is safe.

Bush is on his holiday--sorry, Christmas--vacation and I wonder if in prayer or in some hymn he'll utter the words PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN. My wish for 2006 is that there were some way for him to remember those words when he returns to the White House. For such a supposedly religious man, he's certainly has conveniently forgotten about the commandment "THOU SHALT NOT KILL." So I guess it's up to us to remind him!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The US and Europe would be fucked if our access to Saudi oil were cut off because their large population of discontented youth started a revolution--the kind which we just had a taste of in France with disenfranchised, unemployed youths.'

Well, Honey, your analysis is really right but don't forget you've seen these French events through US media which, as you noted, are quite biased. they were hysterical and there was like 'shadenfreud' is the air.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea! Trannie attack! Send all drag queens on active duty to the middle east to fight the war on terror. Can you imagine what they would do if they saw lady bunny, lypsinka, jackie beat, flotilla, sherry vine, linda simpson etc, these girls world SUCK the life and the juice out of all terror plots. The war would be over

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just put up a gigantic picture of Lady Bunny all over Iraq...........they'll run for the hills and caves..........Bush, Take a lesson !

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Bunny:

I became hip to your blog from "A Socialite's Life" - great job.

Anyway, back to your commentary...
Very well put, Lady, well put. I am 41, so I don't remember the effect Vietman had on this country. But as I remember reading, someone said, back in the 60's government officals didn't have Vietman to look back on, but today we do.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Bunny:
Well said!!
The wish can only come true if we all(together) take action, forget about writting to the politicians, forget about weapons, just get some food and water, go out and block every highway, speak out, sing songs, and DON'T MOOVE UNTIL CHANGES ARE DONE!! Then people will realize who has the real power.

7:32 AM  

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