November 16, 2005


Well, at least they called me a diva.... An unsavory diva, but a diva nonetheless. Oh, and Sharon Stone may have been loopy in her acceptance speech due to recent brain surgery.

Out and about: McGreevey mixes with gay mag's A-list

Gay old time: Former Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey attended Out's bash.
Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey is growing more and more comfortable as a gay American.
Since splitting with his second wife, Dina, more than a year ago, the scandal-scarred pol has been spotted out around town with various guys. But only last Friday did he brave the cameras at Out magazine's Out 100 party. Among his group was a handsome gentleman, Mark O’Donnell, who bore a striking resemblance to Golan Cipel, the former aide whose claim of sexual harassment forced McGreevey's resignation.

Though one source says McGreevy confided that he and O’Donnell were on a date, a rep insisted yesterday that they were not an item.

Whatever. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as they shmoozed through a crowd that included rocker Melissa Etheridge, director Sofia Coppola and "Rent" stars Rosario Dawson and Anthony Rapp. (McGreevey drew the line at posing for a photo with drag diva Lady Bunny.)


Also sparking chatter was designer Marc Jacobs, who arrived with handsome Jason Preston, whom gay Internet enthusiasts recognized from the escort Web site

Preston, who partied with Jacobs till 3 a.m. at Bungalow 8, tells us he's known the fashion star about three months. "He's one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life," says Preston.

Nevertheless, he insists that there's nothing romantic between them. He also says they met at a fashion show, not through Although Preston is still listed on the site as "Chris" — along with his cell phone, intimate personal information and a $225-an-hour price tag — he says he's quit the escort business.


Blogger totalvo said...

Modern Drunkard comes from my home town Denver Colorado

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...ok, wait raci is the bottom and
eddi is the top right??
...I don't give a hoot about McGreevy...*yawnalla*
..what up wtih McMarc McJacobs, wasn't hangin' with "the Nose"
enough for him that night?? and why some tired hooker? I mean doesn't he have any friends?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Jordy said...

Photo of Lady Bunny spinnin'

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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