October 05, 2005


Arrived in jolly old England last night after a delicious flight on Virgin in upper class! I passed out on Ambien and didn't even wake up for my coplimentary back massage! Then I checked into a swanky room at the St. Martin's Lane Hotel. Now before you go thinkin' I'm turnin' into fancy folk, I wish you could have seen me hot-glueing my 14th Street earrings together--possibly a first in the hotel. Does anyone remember those huge 80's triangle-shaped "hot glue special" earrings that Atlanta drag legend Mr. Charlie Brown used to wear? Hot glue and safety pins are a "girls" best friend. Reminds me of another Atlanta drag legend named Amber Richards. Amber was bi, and very real-looking except for "her" ten inch cock. She'd picked up some girl and fucked her until they both passed out. A fire started while they slept and put itself out, but not before melting the hot glue on Amber's closet full of homemade couture. Tragically, though untouched by the flames, the fumes from the hot glue suffocated both girls. And as the legend has it, the police got quite a shock when they rolled Amber over and her massive "clitoris" flopped out. Posthumously, she's lovingly called "Ember" Richards.

Anyhoo, the St. Martin's Lane is a magnificent Ian Shraeger palace which I can't recommend enough. Mood lighting behind the bed which changes colors as you spin a wheel? And a carcophagus-like noise-proofing door to drown out conversations in the hall? Fantastic! Definietly one of my fav hotels ever and easily as comfy as the Hotel Allegra in Chicago or the Triton in San Fran.

On my first night I caught this charmingly dated 1960's Joe Orton play, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW. Only 20 pounds for a 6th row seat! Try finding that in NYC. An actress named Belinda Lang stole the show as an alcoholic nympho. I wonder why on earth I of all people would identify so strongly with a debauched character like that?


Blogger Tommy said...

... jesus fuckin' christ, Bunny, you're dating yourself! Just how fuckin' old are you?? I remember Amber being hot as hell...And the story about her being on a plane, going somewhere, Hawaii I think...sitting next to a dude, that when she confided in him that she was a dude as well, he couldn't believe it- so she politely retreated to the ladies room, untucked, then returned to her seat and proved it to him...What gal- will never be one like her- ever! By the way, I was only 18 when I heard this story, which means I could be your son!...

8:39 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Well, somebody's gotta date me! And I'm pretty sure that Amber died in the 90's, so this isn't exactly ancient history. OK, so I'm old! --B

3:10 AM  
Blogger bunnyfan said...

Yes Amber died in the nineties.I knew Amber. I was good friends with a "girl" name Vonda I guess you could say she and Amber didn't care for each other . Every time they were in each others presence the claws came out. Amber had this kinda "bitch" persona that I loved. One night we were partyin at a club called Warsaw in miami and she walked up to me and said " hey, do you have any coke?" I said no and she said" then why the fuck am I talking to you then? and walked away. I did have some but I wasn't sharing! Ironically Vonda died in a fire also I always thought that was weird. anyhoo, bunny if you need a date you can always call me. You will just have to pay!

6:37 AM  
Blogger Tommy said...

...true, Amber did die in the '90s, so her death is not ancient history...just she is...but bi??

10:36 AM  
Blogger Barnaby said...

Welcome to London Bunny - if I see you as I sit astride my bicycle I will blow you a kiss...St Martin's is fab! Apparently (I have a friend who used to work there) this is the place that Kelly Osborne got into trouble for shitting in Aspreys and Garrards (a super-posh jewellers) boxes and leaving them outside peoples' doors - classy!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all. if u had to post a story to get laughs using someone as the but of ur sick humor try telling a story that is more fact then ur sick fiction bitch.. i live in atlanta and i i also lived here when amber died. it was her lesbian lover that died wit her u dumb hoe and it was carbon monoxide not a fuckin fire that burned out and hot glue fumes. how dare u use her untimely death as a way to make people laugh u big haired late ass no talent hack.

2:18 AM  
Blogger The Stone said...

The truth is Amber picked up the girl that evening after the show. She was from up north and to my knowledge they had never met before. It was a one night stand. The fire was fueled by burning sequence and draggery he used to make his gowns. The plastic it contains was very hot when it burned and toxic. Those fumes killed he, the girl, and his dog. The heat from the fire was so intense that it sucked all of the air out of the house, snuffing the fire out.

Amber was a great friend. I am probably the only person whom he allowed to refer to him as him. He loved me and he was a true heart, very loyal, very kind, tender...

I'm sorry that Miss Bunny didn't tell about his trips to Grady Hospital to hold and rock babies with aids. Amber was a great heart. I truly miss him.

It's true that Amber was furious...it's true that he knew how to use the shock factor to get folks...and such a temper you've never seen, especially if he became jealous.

Love you sweetie...miss you.

7:13 PM  
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