June 13, 2005


I DJ'ed for a benefit for the Dallas Theater Center on Saturday. The theme was "funky chic" so I didn't wash my dress for a month to ensure that it was sufficiently "funky". The crowd was largely Texas socialites (including a friend of W!) and I must say, I do not agree with their politics, but they shore are a nice buncha folks! And I'm glad that they support the arts locally, cuz Bush is slashing arts budgets nationwide. Maybe he thinks they'll a reduction in the arts will lead to a reduction in thinking, open-minded people who might question his brain-dead, inefficient policies. And who knows, maybe some of the republicans present who were cheering me on will think, after their hangover fades the next day, "Hey, that dj was so fun--maybe gays DO deserve a few rights!" I know, a little optimistic... But since I tend to carry on and boogie with the crow a bit, if I got to dancin' too hard the cd would skip. After it happens a few times, I would just put up my arms in mock triumph and take a bow as they applauded.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed hob-nobbing with the elite ($500 tix and sold out!) and since some of my set accompanied cocktails and dinner I got to step outside my dance genre and pull out classics like KING OF THE ROAD and HARPER VALLEY PTA, as well as some covers of hits from musicals like Patti Labelle's insane Irish/soul/waltz-tempo showstopper from Finnian's Rainbow LOOK TO THE RAINBOW ("What a sumptuous gift/to give to a child") and Rachelle Farrelles bizarre scat rendition of BYE BYE BLACKBIRD.

The Dallas Voice wrote up my appearance there:

Spin control

Always ready with a dirty punch line, drag empress and D.J.-for-hire Lady Bunny emerges as an opinionated, controversial commentator for GLBT community

By Daniel A. Kusner
Life+Style Editor

Lady Bunny is the epitome of a well-rounded (BUNNY NOTE: quit joking about my gut!) drag entertainer. Flawless in wigs and makeup, she’s a comedy treasure who’s quick with off-color quips. And as the founder of Wigstock, she’s a living legend and networking organizer for the GLBT community.

In the past year, Bunny has been stretching her glitzy wings, issuing op-ed pieces to publications across the country. In October 2004, Dallas Voice ran her commentary on “Marygate,” which dissected the controversy that erupted during the 2004 presidential debates when John Kerry made a reference about Mary Cheney’s lesbianism.
Bunny as a political commentator? You bet! The loveable and funny drag queen often runs with crowds outside the gay bubble. For the past few years, she’s pumped up the boogie as a hired D.J. at the Two By Two Art for AIDS benefit, which mainly attracts Dallas socialites. And on Saturday, she’s spinning at the Centerstage 2005 Gala, a ritzy fund-raiser for the Dallas Theater Center.

Responding to an e-mail questionnaire, Bunny bashes Bush, Britney and barebacking. She also throws in some hi-dang-larious wisecracks.

June is Gay Pride Month, and we’re all just as proud as punch. Looking back at our history since Stonewall, what changes in gay community are you most proud of?

Lady Bunny: That we’ve finally had the sense to quit squawking about gays being able to join the military — now that there’s a war on, that is! On one level, I suppose that gays should have the right to do everything straights do, including fighting in a war. But why would we want to? This president has clearly shown that he’d risk soldiers’ lives in an un-winnable war with dishonest motives. Why on earth would we want to be able to sign up to die for something like that?
What’s the biggest challenge that lies ahead for the GLBT community? Read Larry Kramer’s “The Tragedy of Today’s Gays.” It basically says that this administration is thrilled about crystal addiction and barebacking. Why? Because they really hate us. They’re thinking, “The fags are killing themselves so we won’t have to.”
As a group, we’ve got to band together and fan the flames of outrage over the fact that this administration wants to strip our rights away. We need that fighting spirit that gave birth to Stonewall because Bush wants to undo every advance we’ve made.
Individually, I think we need to be kinder to ourselves. It’s really tough to have it drummed into our heads, as children, that being gay is unnatural or against God. Even if we are successfully functioning individuals, those wounds run deep. I think this lack of self-worth often emerges in destructive behaviors like barebacking and alcohol and drug abuse. I know it has with me. We need to unlearn those false lessons and truly accept ourselves. But it’s not easy when “ministers” like Pat Robertson are blaming 9/11 on gays. We need to realize that they are the freaks, not us!

You’re coming to Dallas to spin at another chi-chi fund-raiser. At these affairs, have you ever flatly refused a song request? D.J. requests, no. BJ requests, well, uh, no. My motto is, “I can play what I want at home for free.” If you are hiring me, I need to have your kind of music on hand. I’m just the jukebox. I’m definitely not the greatest mixer, but I am good at figuring out what type of tunes each crowd wants, and I let ’em have it — with pleasure! The Dallas Theater benefit is sold out, and I can’t wait to rock them fancy folk!
What part of your allure makes these rich Dallas folks book you as a D.J.?

That I’m unbelievably elegant? No, I didn’t think you’d buy that one. How about — they get a D.J. and a clown for one price!
At these shindigs, has a drunken magnate ever made a pass at you? I’ll take a Magnum TM over a magnate any day. Besides, I’m usually eyeing the kitchen help.

Have you ever loaned a rich woman a tampon?

No, but every year in New York, I D.J. at a benefit held in the Puck Building, which is a fancy hall that used to be a school. I went to the powder room and found that the stalls had really low doors, since they were originally built for kids. I was a tad uncomfortable about the uptown girls clocking me while standing to pee with the back of my large wig poking up over the stall. So I broke the ice by asking them if they might have a spare sanitary napkin. It worked.

Name three things you always keep in your purse:

Condoms, lube and gerbil food.

What song plays through your head when you’re taking a shower?

“Finally” by CC Penniston — if I’m stanky.

Name two good albums for the post-coital boudoir?

“The Sunburst Band” by Joey Negro or Jill Scott’s underrated new album, “Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds, Vol. 2.”

If Mary Cheney asked you to choose the first song at her same-sex wedding, what would you pump over the sound system?

I’d have to write one just for her. Maybe something like “I’m a Poisonous Backstabbing Snake Who Kills Itself?” Actually, I can’t imagine taking the gig. I can’t comprehend a gay Republican. It’s like a vegetarian butcher or a black KKK member: By definition, it just doesn’t make sense. How could you support a political party that hates you?

Last year, “Queer Eye” came to North Texas to redo some straight slobs. What do you think every Texas man should have on his bedside nightstand?

A picture of me — as a diet aid!
When I’m in Dallas, I like to:

Eat! Or visit with friends like Tangella Deville or The Dragon Lady. I’d love to check out a show at the Rose Room this weekend, but I leave on Sunday morning to perform at an event for Los Angeles gay pride.

What do you make of Britney’s new reality show? Britney is a marketing machine — the direct opposite of an artist. Her songs are picked for her, her clothes are picked for her, her moves are choreographed for her. She isn’t even entertaining while lip-synching onstage with a zillion dollars worth of lights. So how could her life behind the scenes be interesting? I hear her reality show is awful, but how could it not be? At least Jessica Simpson knows she’s a bimbo and pokes fun at herself.
Besides, real reality TV is the footage of dead and wounded American soldiers, which news channels aren’t allowing us to see — not someone shoving bugs down their throats. These guys and gals are dying for us, but Bush doesn’t want us to know what a bloody flop this war is. Get real, people! I have a column in the July issue of Genre, which addresses reality TV in more depth. On the whole, it’s crap.

Heard any good jokes?

The pope called Michael Jackson and said, “If you keep molesting this many boys, I’ll have to make you a priest!”


For most people, two decades of fame and notoriety might be considered a full career. For Lady Bunny, it’s merely a start.
As the founder of Wigstock, Bunny has watched countless musical artists, like RuPaul, go from virtual unknowns to stars. For the latest stage of her ever-evolving career, Bunny is hopping into the fray herself — writing and performing her own disco-fabulous tracks and setting them free for the masses.
Only one of Lady Bunny’s new songs, the house-heavy “I Get High,” has been commercially released. It came out on the D.J.-centric Catch 22 label earlier this year. More singles are promised, but in the meantime, fans can tune into Bunny central — also known as LadyBunny.net — for a selection of 12 tracks, including “I Get High.”
Particularly recommended are the Dee Lite-sounding grooves of “Knock! Knock!” and the runway-worthy “Get Jumpin’.” And don’t miss the seriously twisted “Fuck With You,” which takes Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and gives it a raunchy and hilarious working over.
— Gilbert Garcia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody could convert the Texas crowd, YOU could...! ;-)

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady Bunny you are the best! You are so fuckin funny! I am addicted to your Blog!! It always makes me laugh!!! You ROCK!!

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad you had a good time with us! You were genious and peeps have been asking when your heading back to Dallas! Have fun in LA!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google sends me automatic news alerts on the Bunn and I read this article yesterday on the Dallas site.

It's Bunn's off the cuff responses like, "I'm A Poisonous Backstabbing Snake Who Kills Itself" that keep me coming back for more.

I wish someone here would have published an original interview with Bunn around last December before her New Year's Eve gig here in Nashville.

I collected Her Majesty from the airport and we hung that afternoon.

The funniest part was when I casually asked her, "So, what are you going to wear tonight?"

She responded, "Oh, well, you know, white mascara, red lipstick smeared across my teeth, a hot dog staple to each finger and a whipped cream cock ring."

6:26 PM  
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