April 19, 2005


Neither does Bush. He and his cronies are trying to stack the courts with extremist right-wing judges who to push forward their agenda. Let me put it this way. If you were on trial, wouldn't you want a fair one? Then you'd better act now. The 9-day countdown is on. Write your own letter--just reading the facts should sufficiently outrage anyone--but do it now at http://www.moveonpac.org/lte/lte_t.html?t=1&zip=10011<e_campaign_id=20&id=5369-1644652-NOLZGIaXA2htNSY.sZyL5w. I recommend selecting a national paper to send yours to--if you're in NY, you're just preaching to the converted. Here's my letter.

HELLO? Remeber checks and balances?

If Bush and his cronies are so all-fired patriotic then why are they trying to undermine the system upon which this country is founded? Far from respecting the time-honored system, republicans seem to view the judiciary as a mere hindrance. Bush was careful to officially distance himself from Delay's judicial bashing during the Schiavo fiasco but had his wife play bad cop while on a pointless junket to Afghanistan, which I'm so glad I payed for. Shrouded in secrecy, with fewer press conferences given than any president since press conferences began, the last thing we need is an un-checked, secretive, dishonest Bush. And if Delay, at the top of his party, is so odious, imagine if the rest were held up to closer examination. A balanced judiciary is the only hope we have to save us from Bush's fanatical (and unsuccessful) agenda. C'mon, people! Are you in such a religious frenzy that you'd override our Constitution? I think it still works pretty well. Or is that being un-American?

And to see how Justice Scalia got zapped at NYU go here: http://nightcharm.com/?p=100. But write your letter first, dammit!


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