April 08, 2005


Wigstock, the festival of Love and Hair-Piece that refuses to curl up and dye, will return to it's "roots" in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday, August 27th 2005. Last year was a soggy mess but it didn't keep thousands from turning up to see a veritable WHO'S WHO of the NYC drag community perform, including the insane Sugga Pie KoKo (aka Bugga Pie Cuckoo), pictured below in a fit of, well, only "her" psychiatrist knows for sure. She was joined by Boy George, RuPaul, Graham Norton, Lypsinka and Warhol legend Holly Woodlawn, who performed the Lou Reed rock Classic WALK ON THE WILD SIDE which she inspired. We are proud to be organized through the genius HOWL festival which creates dozens of other summer events--check their site at www.howlfestival.com or check out Wigstock's site at www.wigstock.nu. And hell, get a t-shirt while you're at it and WEAR ME OUT! (Warning! T-shirts are sized a wee bit small and they do shrink, being of finest cotton and such.)