April 02, 2005


This by far the best interview I've ever done. It's for the Brazilian gay website Mix Brasil as translated by Google, and I've never been more lucid! 

Lady Bunny
Mix Brazil interview the New York celebrity drag

For Paco Llistó


Multimedia and workaholic. Lady Bunny is drag queen owner of the pair of legs more cultuado in New York and obtains to make of everything a little, without losing the pose: it is DJ, actress, to performer, writer, singer and composer. E it promises not to stop for, since she plans to recently present its proper program in the TV -, it made a "assay there" as actress in the series "Sex and the City".

In interview to Mix Brazil, drag speaks on its friendship with Michael Alig, controversial producer of the club Club Kids in the decade of 80 and that he was famous with the film Party Monster, covered with star for Mcauley Culkin, and also on its envolvement with drugs that, according to it, still they are the main fuels of the scene gay in New York.

Lady Bunny is the responsible one for organizing has 20 years the Wigstock celebrity, festival that queens discloses new every year drag and that already it attracted 40 a thousand New Yorkers more than. Drag does not consider an icon gay, but it assumes that already it is "working in this". It is possible that in brief Bunny he shows its talent in Brazilian lands - its entrepreneur already demonstrated interest in bringing it for here. E, if exactly to come the São Paulo or to the River, drag promises to come armed of "many condoms".

How you started its career?
When I age child, always stow involved with theater and adored to play with maquiagens. When the New Wave blew up in the start of the decade of 80, I started to use maquiagem to frequent of the clubs and the wig appeared a little time later. I was vitiated!

It counts a little to me on the Club Kids. Who age Lady Bunny at that time?
I worked in the Pyramid Club and I tried to gain visibility. Michael Alig always arranged one jeitinho to convoke people of different scenes (clubs, art, fashion, music, dealers, prostitutes etc) and then it started to contract me. I never was in truth one "club kid". My visual age (and still it is) a little as one drag retrô of years 60. Some of club kids had horrorosos names as Kabuki Starshine, that if later became an artist of the maquiagem. The scene had definitively much energy. But the people very used ecstasy, cocaine and Special K. The parties of Michael were fancy and I wanted that somebody I had the same energy and enthusiasm that it had at that time. The clubs of New York are very flat lately.

You it attended the Party Monster? What you it found of the final result? It was faithful to true history?
I attended the set of documents how much to the covered with star film for Macaulay Culkin in such a way. In the truth, I am a little tired of speaking on the subject. One was fofoca interesting when the current events had been disclosed. The films had appeared years later and they simply already do not interest me. I lived to that, for me I am not entertainment. If it was faithful? I do not agree to the idea of that Michael attended the films of terror in infancy (as he considered one of sets of documents) and for cause of this its life fantasiou to kill somebody during all. I only find that it was an animal enjaulado at that moment, vitiated to some types of drugs and that was being chantageado for a dealer who demanded it money senão would kill it. I do not find that Michael would kill somebody for cause of this and being sober. I knew it very well.

How it was its friendship with Michael Alig?
I still correspond myself with Michael Alig in the arrest - is it who is in the arrest, ok? In one determined moment it confessed me that he doped himself in the arrest. I was furious and I wrote to alert it to it who the drugs had the Tornado an assassin. Why to play with them? I am certain that it is a very difficult life, but at least exists much sex! I knew that it painted my picture in the wall of the arrest.

E you already used drugs?
Not, you have some there? Yes, clearly that I used. What detesto I they are the drugs that now are popular in the community gay of U.S.A., as the GHB, Special K and Crystal. The people are dying for cause of this. They can kill you. Or at least to leave you so placed that they make with that you practises unproctected sex. In the truth, an advertising announces: "it buys Crystal and it has taken HIV of favour".

How was its participation in "Sex and The City"? You like it program?
It is not my favourite program, but I was happy in making it and was amused to work with others 100 drag queens in scene. But it was difficult. In July it is very hot in NY and them they had had that disconnect conditional air because of the racket that it made. We were all melting! E, clearly, in the end of 13ª writing hour, them had decided to make mine close. I felt that I was born a beard in my face!

You prefer to work as DJ or actress? Who is its favourite DJ? E music?
Taste to make everything: to act, to sing, to write, to touch, to absorb wood, to be food - it can bet! My favourite DJ is Lil Louie Vega and its Master at Works is my favourite producer of music dances. I am not very involved with the "circuit of the music" that many gays like in U.S.A..

He counts a little to me on the Wigstock Festival. How you see the work of new drags currently?
The Wigstock (something as Festival of the Wig) is a festival of drags to the outdoors that I organize I have 20 years - I started to organize when he had it only 2 years - brincadeirinha! It grew and in the last years stars as Deborah Harry, Boy George, Rupaul, Deelite, Crystal Waters, India and Ultra Nate already queens had been presented with all drag. Www.wigstock.nu for more information has access our site, but it visits my first one: www.ladybunny.net .

I do not know drags new that they are so good how much of old, but I always wait to find them!

Which was the best show that you already made? It is very different if to present in U.S.A. and other countries?
I finished to present me in an event in Toronto with Patti Labelle and Jocelyn Brown and I knew the two. It was sufficiently exciting because they are my ídolos! If to present outside of U.S.A. can be interesting if it has the barrier of the language, especially if you it makes comedy, as I. If you he will be singing, is not so difficult.

How it is its work as colunista in magazines?
He is excellent! Currently work for magazine INDEX. Also very I write in mine blog and adore when fans write me. Mainly when they are pretty Brazilian boys who send me naked photos! (laughs).

You do not find that she works very?
In New York you need to work without stopping to obtain to gain the life. She is one of the cities most expensive of the world. E I cannot stop to work until obtaining to arrive where I want to arrive. Canals gays are initiating its operations in U.S.A. and still I want to present my proper one programs one day!

You consider an icon gay?
Still not, but I am working in this.

E its new site? It says a little to me on it.
Well, I am inexperienced in the InterNet, am astonished at the power to promote, to connect, either there what it will be! In my site you can read articles on me, to see videos of my performance, to lower musics that I composed and sang, and to see decades of photos of the night of New York.

You recently received the prize from Better Drag in NY. Which was the reaction?
It was a very great honor, although to have that to laugh a little of it. I do not follow the fashion - my appearance was thought to seem different and I not use clothes of famous estilistas. Perhaps I use them if they to fit in me!

You know Brazil?
He never stows beyond Rich Port, but dream in one day to present me in Brazil. E if I will be, I I will take many condoms!

Some people say that you have the prettier pair of NY legs. What you think on this?
This comes when I leave to hunt! To hunt is a great exercise, but to the times thin I my knees...

Which are its new projects? It counts a little on The Heroes of to me Bad Taste.
It is a program that I recorded for [ canal ] VH1. I I do not know when they I will show it, but I recorded plus one for the VH1 on the events gays of the last year intitled BIG GAY 40. All my projects are in my site, then they do not leave to have access it!


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