April 13, 2005


CNN interviewed one english lass who felt sorry for Camilla Parker Bowles. She opined, from behind the bar in Cornwall where she worked, with one long crooked tooth outside her mouth, that people didn't like Camilla simply because she wasn't as pretty as Diana, and that it had little to do with the situation's impropriety. I agree. But a good joke is a good joke. And Jay Leno created a queen-ius skit in which Gilbert Gottfried dragged up as Camilla in a "live feed" from a bridal shop. Sample lines:

JAY: So, you're in a bridal shop picking out your wedding dress?

GILBERT: No, I'm picking up my bridle! (as if that's what the horse-face heifer might wear.)

JAY: What is Prince Charles like around the house?

GILBERT: Oh, just like any other guy. He eats breakfast, grabs the newspaper and goes and sits on his "throne" for a few hours.

JAY: Is he a good listener?

GILBERT: Sure! He's all ears!