July 22, 2015


I have no idea whether Donald Trump is serious about running for president or not. I haven't been following the news a lot lately, but my impression is that his comments dismissing John McCain's war hero status have caused some Republicans to denounce him. But let's be clear about this--the Republican party wasn't denouncing him a week ago. He jumped to the top of the GOP presidential polls because he said latino immigrants were rapists, etc. His refusal to back down from those comments mobilized the Republican base. So Huffpo can win points by posting snarky articles about how they'll relegate their coverage of Trump to the entertainment section, but the racism of his party is very much a part of US politics. We've only got two parties and one is that racist towards latinos. Do you think they feel differently towards other minorities--whether racial or sexual? Or hell, even about women and their rights? Take note: this man may be a loudmouthed fool, but his shenanigans were working a week ago.

A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump's 'Campaign'