April 16, 2015


Want to know why a Republican candidate like Rand Paul is being considered by some Democratic/Independent voters? Because he's against war with Iran. His party hates it because they love any war, but Rand doesn't want war because tea partiers are against big government and he sees war as an expenditure. I don't want war because it's amoral. So I feel it's a disgrace for a democratic NY Senator to throw a kink into Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Schumer isn't just some wacky nobody with a bee in his bonnet against Iran because his donors support Israel. He's a party hot shot who is presumed to be Harry Reid's replacement as minority leader. Yet  he's to the right of Obama.

Get used to Schumer's hawkish brand of Democrat. Because Hillary is one of them.

Schumer Is Squeezed on Various Sides Over Iran Deal