February 10, 2015


Republicans are howling because Obama mentioned the Crusades and slavery as an example of how Christianity was misused to justify atrocities, just as Islam is now being used by ISIS as a justification for beheading, burning people in cages, etc. The president was speaking at The National Prayer Breakfast, where Christians apparently don't like to be compared to radical muslims. But the president is right--rabid Christians still are engaged in horrific, radical acts like shooting doctors who run abortion clinics. And the particular group which organizes the National Prayer Breakfast helped to create Uganda's Kill The Gays bill which was a death sentence for everyone gay in that country.

Every president since Eisenhower has spoken annually at this breakfast. And even though Obama spoke out against the murderous bill in Uganda at a past event, he never made the connection between the event's organizers and the bill in Uganda. What's shocking to me is that Obama would even dignify this breakfast by attending it. I could care less how many presidents have gone to it--if they're tied to creating legislation by which gays are to be killed, a supposedly pro-gay rights president has no business there. Here's what Cathy Kristofferson, an organizer of GetEqual Massachusetts had to say: “We’d like to see the President stop coming to events that are sponsored by people who are trying to kill and imprison us. We’re disappointed that the president is sending mixed messages to our youth and to our friends abroad, by giving supportive speeches one day and then supporting those who was to murder us four days later.” If Obama truly wanted to send a strong message about his support for gay rights and gay lives, he would never break bread with those who seek to murder people in any country because they're gay. The Family also has ties to strong anti-gay legislation in Nigeria. And don't think they wouldn't like to kill us here if they could. It's a dirty shame that Obama makes an official appearance at any event organized by virulently anti-gay forces.