January 23, 2015


When the democrats got a "shellacking" in the previous mid-terms, republicans had campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. They won, and got into office and ignored jobs. Instead, they put forward over a dozen abortion bills which had nothing to do with jobs. Then they won bigger in the last mid-terms and now control both the House and the Senate. And what's on their agenda 15 days after taking power? An abortion bill so extreme that REPUBLICANS THEMSELVES yanked it before it would come to a vote. Their proposed legislation would have banned using tax payer dollars for rape victims unless they had first reported their assaults to the police. Female republicans told their own party that the measure was too extreme, so they passed a milder abortion ban instead. They were concerned that about the optics--that it would cause them to lose women voters again. Which are one half of the population. And millennials aren't bothered by abortions. It's only the cruddy, old, fundamentalist types who may not understand any other issue besides banning abortion and gay rights that this appeals to.

But remember--when someone shows you who they truly are, believe them. Republican lose elections because their views on abortion are so extreme that they appeal to very few. One candidate horrified everyone by asserting that women's bodies could shut down conception if they were raped. But then again, science was never important to republicans either. Though to their credit, the new GOP Congress did just vote that global warming/climate change is not a hoax. Baby steps! Glad we got that out of the way just as new reports show 2014 was the hottest year on record and that we need to leave 80% of all fossil fuels in the ground and not use them if we are to avoid the temperature rising to catastrophic levels. As Obama hints that he may veto the Keystone pipeline which would not leave these fuels in the ground and which could easily leak and poison one of the world's biggest water supplies. In closing, both parties are crap. But republicans are so moronic that they have to yank their own policies in order to still try and appeal to the average person. But when the democrats fail to lead and have solid principles, sometimes the republican party can seem like a nice change. Sorry that we only have two crap choices of two crap parties.