December 27, 2014


I signed this and it may cause Obama to withdraw this one nominee if there's enough of an outcry. But republicans won't object to it. Because Obama's acting like one again with one of his many fox-watching-the-hen-house appointees. And Hillary's clueless strategy for winning is to go further to the middle than Obama. TThankfully, there are a handful of democrats with the balls to try to get the democrats back to where they once (allegedly) were: representing people over big finance.
"Financial reform and consumer protection are too important to fill the job with someone who has spent his life working on behalf of Wall Street banks and big corporations. Please show that you have heard these concerns by not renominating Antonio Weiss as Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance when Congress returns in 2015."
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You and Senator Elizabeth Warren have sparked a backlash against the nomination of banker Antonio Weiss to a key role at the Treasury Department.
More than a hundred thousand CREDO members have spoken out. And in recent days, more and more Democratic senators have followed your lead – from die-hard progressives like Senator Al Franken to conservatives like Senator Joe Manchin.1 We’ve also forced this nomination into the public eye, resulting in a round of prominent voices criticizing Weiss as unqualified and the wrong fit for the role.2
President Obama has a chance to undo this mistake. Congress is out of session for the holidays. If the president wants to ignore the growing chorus and place Weiss in this role, he’ll have to renominate him when Congress returns. It’s up to us to show the president that renominating Weiss would be the wrong call.
Tell the president: Listen to your base. Don’t renominate an investment banker as a Treasury official. Click here to sign the petition.