November 11, 2014


Obama must be applauded for his affirmation to protect the free and open internet. If he's openly committing to doing the right thing, let's encourage him. Maybe these petitions do send politicians a clear message. That'a why I signed this petition from Daily Kos--it will let him know that this is a matter we feel passionately about. You're enjoying the internet in it's current form now, aren't you? (No, Bunny--not when you start your serial posts of whines.) 
Of course, I won't even mention that Obama should be simultaneously chastised for secretly ramming through the Trans Pacific Partnership, which has devastating effects internet freedom and outsourcing already slim job opportunities. But let's support his commitment to preserve the internet as we now know and enjoy it. And hold his feet to the fire on actually preserving it and not caving to corporate interests. In one segment of his jurisdiction, anyway....
DAILY KOS: "I woke today to amazing news—President Barack Obama has joined millions of Americans and stepped forward to protect the free and open internet. Please click here to thank President Obama now.
President Obama could have easily bowed to the immense pressure exerted by Big Cable and telecom lobbyists—instead he did the right thing for the people by standing with Team Internet.
This is huge and we couldn’t have done it without you. Daily Kos readers participated in over 1.35 million emails to Congress, the White House, and the FCC. Additionally, our folks showed up at events and did grassroots lobbying in the states. This is awesome.
In no uncertain terms, President Obama has called for an open, level playing field to internet access and real net neutrality. He clearly urges the FCC to write rules that outright ban fast and slow lanes on the internet and cannot lead to sweetheart paid prioritization deals, preferred access, blocking of content. This statement makes one thing clear—all websites must be treated equally.
We are on our path to victory, and President Obama has joined the fight. Please email President Obama to thank him for his statement.
Further, he explicitly states the legal authority we’ve been pushing for—Title II of the Telecommunications Act with forbearance. We know this is the strongest legal framework. And, we know that these same cable and telecom companies operate as common carriers for other services they provide—their internet services should not be different.
"… I believe the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act — while at the same time forbearing from rate regulation and other provisions less relevant to broadband services."
This isn’t a total slam dunk—FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler could decide to go rogue and not heed the words of the President, millions of Americans, and dozens of elected officials in order to side with Team Cable—but we are in a good position to win. We've shown both President Obama and Chairman Wheeler that the internet can be allies in the face of corporate power.
We will go back to applying pressure to Chairman Wheeler tomorrow. Today, we celebrate President Barack Obama for standing with us on the right side in the fight for a free and open internet. Please click here to send the President a sincere thank you today.
Keep fighting,
Rachel Colyer"