November 10, 2014


I'm never sure about where Daily Kos´╗┐ is coming from. I despise it when any scandal is elevated to the level of watergate, particularly with the sad hashtag added to it. And this headline is ridiculously sensationalized--of course this story isn't more "racist" than what went down in Ferguson which involved a death and weeks of protest.

Yet it is a disturbing story. A Minneapolis mayor poses with an ex-con with this pointing finger sign. Soon, the local ABC affiliate is accusing her of using gang symbols and lining up interviews with policemen who claim that her affinity with crooks is undermining local police. This common pose is doing nothing of the sort. Are police, who are very unpopular now, trying to rebuild their image at the expense of this mayor? Whatever is happening, it's a clear demonstration of the nonsense which passes as news these days. And the phony "outrages" which get coverage while huge, fundamental issues get little to no air time.