September 09, 2014


You know how every few years, panic strikes the hearts of NYC dwellers when we hear that rent control is going to end? And we collectively say "Shit! What are we going to do? How did we let this happen?" By not voting for state officials, that's how. Even though NYC is progressive, NY State is not so much. And the monied interests (i.e. real estate developers and landlords) grease the palms of NY state officials from the governor on down. Rent control is set to expire next June and candidates Zephyr Teachout (Governor) and Tim Wu (Lieutenant Gov) want to STRENGTHEN tenants' rights like rent control. To give NYC, where many of us are apartment-dwellers, more control over rents than the conservative interests in the rest of the state.

They are expecting low turnout in the democratic primary today. Please prove them wrong and get out and vote for Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu. If you are more concerned with the new cast of The View on Monday than your own rent, I hope you have good TV reception from the cardboard box you'll be living in.

Check out who this tenant org is endorsing for tenant rights in your area: