August 10, 2014


I've heard this discussed by talking heads over the last 6 months and didn't want to believe it. But perhaps they were right. Hillary seems to be positioning herself to the right of Obama's foreign policy as her winning strategy. Liberals are turned off by Obama's centrism and won't vote for her, so she'll give up on them completely and try to lure those on the right and in the middle whose default position is hawkish. That's just what this country needs--a president who will change to whatever needs to be said to win. A democrat who acts more like a republican than Obama has.

Though the country celebrated the fact that we didn't go to war in Syria and applauded Obama's more diplomatic approach, Hillary would have us get more involved in spreading that uniquely american brand of "freedom" and "democracy" that is only spread with bombs. She disagrees with Obama's foreign policy of "Don't do stupid stuff." So I guess her slogan would be "Do do stupid stuff."