August 09, 2014


Right now, President Obama is receiving public comments on whether or not to create the world's largest Marine Protected Area in the Pacific Ocean. But he’s underenormous pressure from a powerful, federally-funded fishing lobby to water down the plan. 
We can’t let that happen -- majestic whales, turtles and fish stocks are all disappearing. Scientists say the best way to save our oceans is to protect large swaths from exploitation so that marine life can recover. Four years ago, we played a pivotal role persuading the UK government to create a massive marine sanctuary in the Indian Ocean, and the UK Foreign Ministry cited our campaign in its announcement. Now, if we all speak out, our own government could create a reserve the size of Mexico - or California and Texas put together!
If we send an avalanche of supportive messages to the White House consultation process right now, we will empower President Obama to counter opposition and help save our oceans for generations to come. Click the link below to send a message, and tell everyone -- let's deliver 100,000 American voices before the official consultation closes in days:

The reports are dire: in less than four decades, our oceans could be completely fished-out and coral reefs might be dead within our grandchildren's lifetime! This new plan alone won’t be enough to fix the problem, but it could start turning the tide against global ocean destruction -- it will not only double the worldwide oceanic area that is fully protected, but also encourage other governments to follow suit.

President Obama says he is willing to use executive action to implement the plan, but a powerful fishing lobby is trying to block it saying the sanctuary will hurt their business. But in fact 95% of the fishing they’re talking about happens outside of the protected zone. Other interests want to keep the area open for future drilling and mining, which could be disastrous.

The consultation is only open for a few more days and on August 11 the government will consult with local interest groups in Hawaii to scope out the plan. If 100,000 of us send strong messages of support to the nationwide consultation, and our community turns out in force at the Hawaii town hall meeting, we can drown out the special interests.

With the greatest ownership of ocean in the world, the US now has a tremendous opportunity for global leadership. Let's lay the foundation for protecting our oceans from exploitation. Click below to send a message to the consultation process, and forward this to friends and family:

Our oceans are being decimated by a myriad of threats. But time and again Avaaz members have rallied to save our precious marine life. Around the world we have helped secure massive ocean sanctuaries and plans to protect tuna and whales. Now we can do it at home. Let’s win this!