June 04, 2014


What is really going on with the last soldier freed from Afghanistan? It's very difficult to say. Of course, idiots on the right are trying to make Obama look weak on defense so that Democrats can hopefully lose future elections and the GOP can start more wars. In Syria. In Nigeria. In Iran--wherever--as long as war profiteers who donate to their campaigns get payback with more lucrative battles in the future. I've heard them sneer about how Bowe Bergdahl, Jr. studied ballet as a child. I've heard them question the beard that the soldier's dad wears. (I never heard them question those same beards when turds on Duck Dynasty grow them.) And of course, McCain, Fox and co. are claiming that we shouldn't negotiate with terrorists.

Why shouldn't we negotiate with terrorists? Because we're better than them? Here's the # definition of terrorism from dictionary.reference.com:

ter·ror·ism  [ter-uh-riz-uhm]  noun
1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

The USA is a terrorist nation. You can dress it up with military uniforms, you can wave a flag, but as per this definition, the United States Of America engages in "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for politically purposes." Regularly. One of Obama's drones killed a wedding party in Yemen. Another killed a 16 year old American citizen. Under Obama, our tax $ pay for "signature strikes," which is a type of strike where they bomb a suspected area without researching it if there are actually terrorists there. If random bombings are your signature, you need to hand back that Nobel Peace Prize, Obama.

George W. Bush made the country go broke by sending us into the Iraq war, in which hundreds of thousands of people were murdered by US troops, despite the fact that there were no WMDs and the Iraqi people had no way to attack us and posed no threat. Killed hundreds of thousands of innocents? While even respected media outlets like CNN and the New York Times apologized (after the fact) for not asking harder questions of the Bush administration in the lead up to the Iraq war? Instead, they filled us with propaganda about yellowcake uranium, WMDs and the non-existent connection between 9/11 and Iraq. Are our media's lies any better than the fantastical lies muslim clerics spout to whip up their terrorists to come attack us or US embassies abroad? After we proudly hunted and killed Iraq's leader and tore their country apart for no reason, we actually used the bizarre rhetoric to keep troops in Iraq because the US is so honorable that we don't "cut and run." Then think before you cut the wrong people in the wrong country, a-holes.

Is this whole debate a political ratings game? The Obama administration is well aware of what the right would say, so they picked this fight over this Bowe Bergdahl, Jr. to make a point. They wanted to be able to proudly say that they leave no soldier behind. Why? To make it look like our government cares about the military? The government cares about the military when the rich people in the government decide to send less rich people to fight their dirty battles mostly for rich people's financial gain. Did you not just see over Memorial Day Weekend, when the heartbreaking story came out that the Veteran's Association had repeatedly falsified records to hide how long injured troops had to wait to get treatment? The VA had already been caught doing this before and then they were just caught again after nothing happened the first time. That's how much the government cares about veterans. They don't have time for them after they're injured and often make them wait many months for treatment of mental and physical disorders. Do you think Shinseiki's resignation will change the fact that there is always $ for war, but not for the clean-up? Having a figurehead resign is the oldest trick in the book to make it look like you've actually addressed the issue.

Or is this all a smokescreen for the right and the left to hide another ugly truth? Obama just made an announcement that we'd be leaving Afghanistan, the longest running war in US history, in 2016. Has Obama broken so many of his campaign promises that we've forgotten the one he made about ending it in 2014? Is the mainstream media now conspiring to shift this dialogue towards one soldier whose dad has a nutty beard away from the fact that thanks to Nobel Peace Prize-winner Obama, our longest ever war just got two years longer?  Conveniently now ending in 2016, when Obama leaves office and is then absolved of whatever happens in Afghanistan after that? And have those in the press screaming bloody murder over whether Obama should have released 5 Guantanamo prisoners as a trade for one deserter soldier aware that while campaigning, the president repeatedly promised to shut the whole prison down? I think Guantanamo's closure would release more than 5.

Very few of you can even claim to know what the mission in Afghanistan has been lately. You stopped caring about it years ago. You claim to support the troops yet you have no idea what they are even facing. Bowe Bergdahl saw first-hand what we were doing over there and walked away in disgust, condemning our military efforts. Maybe he was crazy or driven crazy by the carnage he saw, but he chose walking away from relative safety into enemy hands than carry on the US mission. He couldn't have known if he was going to die, be imprisoned forever or for 5 years. I'm glad this soldier has been rescued and is out of harm's way. But if rescuing soldiers truly is our goal, let's get the rest of the troops out of Afghanistan now. And if preventing terrorist attacks on the US is truly our goal, let's worry less about 5 terrorists who've been freed and worry more about the many more that the Iraq war and drone strikes are creating generations more of to come.