May 10, 2014


All this proves is that gays or straight anti-gay fundamentalists can pick and choose any Bible passage that they choose to illustrate their viewpoints. Because the Bible was written by different people and contradicts itself constantly. You can talk forever about what YOU think the true intent of the many different authors of the book meant, but maybe you should choose a guide which doesn't contradict itself again and again. Why believe in something that doesn't make any sense? Why struggle to cherry-pick different interpretations than the ones that denounce you  if you feel you aren't doing anything wrong and aren't hurting anyone? Because some backward fool from a nomadic tribe scribbled down something in a desert tent thousands of years ago? And remember, there's a death penalty for eating shellfish in the Bible.

I wish gays would wake up and realize that almost all religions are against them and that would take away their power to make us feel bad. Instead of doing the exact same thing fundamentalists do: look for some way to make a dusty old book of fairy tales jive with their agenda in 2014. If you need validation from something that makes no sense, good luck tom you and your movement. You're actually hurting the movement by validating gays' enemies' main weapon: the Bible.