May 05, 2014


They always have great jokes at the White House correspondents dinners. And they say the best jokes have some truth in them. This one by Obama is a real zinger. But didja ya hear the one about the shadowy organization which refused to air anything for a month but Chris Christie closing a bridge for 4 days and ignore the bad job Obama and democrats are doing just like the horrible republicans? It's called MSNBC. And you may prefer their politics, but MSNBC is misleading you just like Fox. Because a 4 day bridge closure really impacts your life so much that you need 24/7 coverage of it for a month. And MSNBC newscaster Cenk Ugyur gets fired for criticizing the president, despite his high ratings. While Al Sharpton claims on 60 Minutes that he'd never criticize the president. That's not one-sided at all, is it

PS: Obama not only tells a mean joke, but also delivers wonderfully passionate campaign speeches. That you believe. Then he gets elected and the joke's on you. Both parties suck. Neither party represents working America.