February 12, 2014


You may not chip in $3, but this is well worth a read. Unlike Obamacare, it's the health care reform we deserved. That most other civilized countries from Cuba to Canada already have.

WORKING FAMILIES: Do you remember how much the Tea Party hooted and hollered about “socialized medicine” during the fight over Obamacare.

What do you think they’ll do if we try to pass ACTUAL socialized medicine? A Medicare-for-all style, single-payer, everybody-in, nobody-out healthcare plan for every New Yorker?

With no premiums, no insurance company red tape, no big CEO pay, no profit, and paid for by progressive taxes on the rich? What would the Tea Party say? Will their heads explode? We’re about to find out.

Contribute $3 to help us launch our campaign for a Medicare-for-all style healthcare plan for New York.

Today, I was proud to stand with Assemblymembers Gottfried and Perkins at the launch of the New York Health campaign, new legislation for truly universal healthcare for every New Yorker.

Don’t get me wrong – for all its flaws, I supported Obamacare. It was huge step forward. Ending pre-existing conditions. Covering millions of young people and low-wage workers. And it was what was able to pass Congress.

But that doesn’t mean we can't do better – a lot better – in New York State.

After all, Buffalo is just as cold as Toronto – shouldn’t the healthcare be just as good?

I think so. If you agree, help us launch our campaign:

Click here to chip in $3 to fight for New York health, a truly universal Medicare-for-all Healthcare system for New York.

New York Health plan would enshrine healthcare as a basic right. Everybody in. Nobody out. That’s an incredible statement of humanity and dignity for all.


Bill Lipton
New York State Director
Working Families

PS. As Dr. King said: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." Let’s win this.