February 10, 2014


Michael Dunn shot a black teen after he and his friends refused to turn down the music in their car while both were parked at a convenience store. The teen died as a result. "Dunn is expected to use the Stand Your Ground defense during his trial, in which he faces the same prosecutor who argued the Trayvon Martin case." Dunn drove away without calling the police. And may get away with it.

MICHAEL SKOLNIK: You know, Juan, the hard thing for me to rationalize here is that, as I was reflecting last night, the defense attorney was trying to make sense of why he would drive away, why he would go to a motel, why he would order food, why he would sit and watch a movie, why he would make himself a rum and coke, why he would walk his dog, why he would drive two-and-a-half hours to his house the next day, and never call the police. And the defense said it was because of his girlfriend. She was the one who made him do this. They basically threw her under the entire bus and said it wasn’t him. He was panicked. He was flipped out. And she was the one who said, "Let’s go back to the hotel." That, to me, is hard to sit with. This gentleman—and let’s remember the difference between this case and the Trayvon Martin case. This gentleman, Michael Dunn, has been in prison, in jail, since he was arrested. He has not been bonded out since he was arrested, because the court has felt he was a threat to society.