January 30, 2014


It is very sad to have to sign a petition to "keep the democrats honest." It is very sad to have to encourage the democrats to split with a democratic president because they care about keeping American jobs. And they just want it discussed openly, not 'fast-tracked" with no debate, which is what Obama wants to do with the secret trade agreement called the TPP. If Obama isn't acting like a democrat, what the hell is he doing and who is he representing? The pressure is working, despite a virtual media black-out on this hush-hush trade deal. Please sign this and help spread the word, unless you don't want jobs to stay in this country.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership -- otherwise known as "NAFTA on steroids" -- was just dealt a huge blow. Late yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters in no uncertain terms that he opposes legislation that would "fast track" the treaty.

However, while Reid's firm stance diminishes the chances that the President will be given fast track authority by the Senate, it doesn't kill those chances completely. If Fast Track were to pass the House, Reid would be under overwhelming pressure from moderate Democrats -- especially those up for re-election this year -- to cave in and allow the bill to pass with mostly Republican votes.

Progressives need to keep Reid out of that dangerous position. And we can't do that without the vocal support of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Reid did his part. Now it's time for Rep. Pelosi to do hers. Tell Nancy Pelosi to put her foot down -- publicly oppose Fast Track and the TPP today.

Nancy Pelosi is with us on the issues that matter most 90% of the time. She voted against giving President Bush fast track authority in 2002, and she was a vocal opponent of other similar trade deals like CAFTA. She's said publicly that she has concerns about the TPP. Yet she continues to avoid taking the kind of bold stance against Fast Track and TPP that might make a difference in the legislation's chances.

Right now, we need leadership -- not lip service -- to stop the next NAFTA. Potential Democratic co-sponsors of Fast Track in the House are watching Pelosi closely. They don't want to go against party leaders publicly. But if they can claim ignorance of the Minority Leader's position, they might jump in and give this bill the bipartisan credibility it needs to become law.

We've had Nancy Pelosi's back in the past. American workers need her help today. Tell Leader Pelosi to take a bold, clear stand against Fast Track and the TPP now.

Thank you for keeping Democrats honest.