January 26, 2014


This is how sad our "news" has become. If you want to read tabloids about Jennifer Anuston's changing hairstyles (which doesn't actually ever change) and Justin Bieber, whose legal shenanigans outshine any of his music, go right ahead and watch Entertainment Tonight. But if you'd rather see Bieber updates (as MSNBC assumes you would) than learn about the very troubling government intrusions into every one of our emails and phone calls, you're a moron. And MSNBC is supposed to be the more intelligent, liberal news that's the opposite of Fox. Until a bratty star that no one over the age of 16 cares about gets a DUI. If a democracy can only function with an informed electorate, then we're sunk. I'lll bet almost anyone in the country could tell you the details about Bieber, Terry Schiavo, Kate Middleton, Jodi Arias, Amanda Bynes and Charlie Sheen, who dominated the news for weeks. And I'll bet one out of 100 knows any of the details about the TPP, the secret trade agreement which Obama is trying to fast-track through Congress with no debate. Because if there is any debate, it will become clear that the TPP, described as NAFTA on steroids, will kill American jobs and wages, harm the environment, ensure that medications like AIDS drugs are not made generic in other countries, and  actually strengthen the position of multi-national corporations to sue the US in private tribunals if those corporations profits are threatened by any law the US should pass. Maybe our news isn't mentioning the TPP much because it survives not only by covering lowest common denominator stories like Bieber's foibles, but also from ads paid for by the very companies who sat with Obama and wrote the TPP. Wrote it to screw the American people and kill jobs for decades to come. As you and your children sit in the poor house or a debtors prison wondering what happened, I hope you'll take comfort in recounting tales of some brat's DUI.