December 21, 2013


Obama is a former Constitutional law professor who is shredding the Constitution. He had the nerve to proclaim 12/15 Bill Of Rights Day--a meaningless measure with a smokescreen title as backwards as Bush's Operation Iraqi Freedom. The next day, a judge called Obama's unrelentless spying on average americans "almost Orwellian." Does that Big Brother reference not creep you out? And Obama's own task force, staffed with at least one bold-faced liar came up with 46 recommendations which White House press secretary said the White House may implement some of.

A question for Obama @ss-lickers: Are the big bad Republicans forcing him to do this? Is he a kindly wimp fond of reaching across the aisle when he is seizing illegal powers for the executive branch which the people who voted for him don't want him to have? Or would like to keep blaming Obama's actions on Bush? Please don't wait until the end of his second term to realize what a snake he is. If you do, the country may never recover. So I beg you to check out this damning overview of how Obama is screwing all of us while we discuss a swamp creature from Duck Dynasty.