December 20, 2013


I know that many of you were incensed by the anti-gay, racist comments of a Duck Dynasty cast member. Frankly, I'm more in shock over the fact that the show exists or that there's a demand for it. Many of your responses to his comments have been quite vicious. While I always love a good read, here's another way to look at it. The moron has freedom of speech--even when you don't like what he's saying. And if denouncing anti-gay sentiment really mattered to you, it seems to me that your efforts would be much better spent boycotting massive companies who give money to politicians who fight for anti-gay legislation any chance they get. Most of us use their products every day and don't even know it. What do you think does more good: insulting an anti-gay turd out in the boonies or cutting anti-gay politicians funds off where it hurts them the most? Money is all they understand. We're giving them ours. They could care less about our outrage until it hits their profits.