December 24, 2013


To his credit, Obama is seeking diplomacy with Iran over their nukes. It makes absolutely no sense that the US is policing the world since we are the only country that has ever fired nukes on another--but I'll forget that and praise Obama's efforts. Even if they don't quite make sense, the president is going in the direction of peace. But guess who is obstructing Obama by threatening more sanctions which could lead to war? Is it the big bad Republicans who block everything he tries to do and always take a more hawkish stance? Of course. But why are 15 Democrats joining the GOP--including NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand? Please check this list and see if yours are on the list. If they are, please email/phone them to let diplomacy have a chance. Earth is tired of war. Give us all the gift of peace, which sadly even Democrats have forgotten about. Remember that ol' Prince of Peace whose birthday we're about to celebrate?


Gillibrand: (Make sure you uncheck the box or you'll get her rotten newsletter.)

"A senior Obama administration official went further, telling The Huffington Post that Senate action makes it "far more likely that we'll be left only with a military option" regarding Iran."