November 21, 2013


The bottom could fall out of talks to save the planet in 24 hours unless we act to save them. Years ago, the US and our allies made a big promise to help the poorest countries deal with and decrease climate change. But now we are threatening to backtrack. If the US reneges on this pledge tomorrow, hope for a global deal could totally fall apart. But Secretary of State Kerry has made climate leadership the defining issue of his career. Let’s make sure he knows that it’s his call to make! Send Kerry a message to make sure he knows we are watching and expecting him to act -- his office will get it right away, and the Avaaz team at the talks will give all our messages to his staff on the ground. Click here to send an urgent message: In 2009, Secretary Clinton pledged to raise $100 Billion yearly to build a climate resilient world. But while some immediate cash came through, virtually no country has yet made new contributions to this bold plan. The financial crisis has made it very difficult to fulfill our promise to the poorest countries. But we are still giving billions to fossil fuel companies that are polluting our world and causing global warming. It is nuts! The poorer countries are now demanding that the rich meet their original promises before they sign up to more commitments at talks in Warsaw. So far our government is saying they we won’t give. But if we can get them to commit funds, other countries will follow. We have the power to keep everyone at the table to hammer out a crucial deal. We only have 24 hours left. Let’s make sure Kerry knows we wants him to keep our word to the most poor, and save the deal to save the planet. Click now to send a message: SIGN HERE: AVAAZ Climate change is perhaps the largest, most complex global problem humanity has faced, and for all its scale, it's hard to find things we can do that even make a dent. It's easy to lose hope in the face of a challenge like that. But this is one of those times where we can make a real difference right now -- one that could save the process that can save the world. Let's not let it go without making our voices heard.