November 21, 2013


Obama is fast-tracking this devil of a trade agreement in secrecy. Hundreds of Congress members have written him asking that the secret document be made public. But he can't reveal it--if we knew what was in it, no one would support it. It kills jobs and it kills wages, making it easier to outsource the few jobs we have to other countries who will work much cheaper than we will. The TPP will also prevent AIDS meds for from becoming generic worldwide and there's some crazy stuff about intellectual property rights. After we protested SOPA, he backed away from it but included in this trade deal. Even though only 5 of the 29 chapters deal with trade. When Obama has spoken about this, he has spouted pure gibberish. Few of you will take the time to acquaint yourselves with the Trans Pacific Partnership, you'll realize that helping working Americans is the last thing on his mind. He works for whoever pays him--not you. He's handsome, intelligent and a great speaker. But don't let this hide the ugly truth that far from being some civil rights leader or advocate of workers, Obama has proven that corrupt good ol' boys come in all colors.