October 16, 2013


ust got this email asking me to sign a petition thanking my Rep. Jerrold Nadler for standing strong against the GOP in these idiotic shut down talks. Good for him! Democrats have become so spineless that we now have to thank them, and as this petition urges, pledge donations if they are to continue to stand strong against GOP budget cuts to Social Security and Medicaid. I don't feel that we should have to pay for our own representatives to stand strong. Our taxes already pay their salaries for them to what... DO OUR BIDDING! But here's where it gets tricky. OBAMA has already proposed cutting Social Security because he's more of a Republican than a Democrat on many issues. And it's very difficult for Democrats in Congress to go against the president when he's acting like a Republican because they are expected to tow the party line--even when Obama has blurred the traditional role of the two parties. (Democrats never want to cut Social security and there's n need to: it's solvent for decades! But they just went against Obama when they told him that they wouldn't support his baseless, hawkish military strikes in Syria. So while it's sad that Democrats have to stand up to our "Democratic" president who acts like a Republican, they do. And they can't so it without their constituents getting involved and saying PLEASE DON'T CUT SOCIAL SECURITY. But something which all Republicans and turncoat Democrats like Obama want. If Nadler is your representative in the House and you care about Social Security, could you please sign this? Otherwise, Obama will exert great pressure on him to fall in line with the Democratic party that Obama has led into the dirt. If Nadler isn't your rep, please find out by adding your zip code who it is and contact them saying no cuts to services...or prepare to lose the benefits you've paid for. Since America is sick of war, cut the defense budget, not benefits we've paid into for decades! This isn't even a progressive or bold notion: most Americans in both parties don't want these programs cut. But our politicians have gone so far to the right that defense (in a time of relative peace) rules over our benefits that are promised to us. BOLDPROGRESSIVES.ORG: On Sunday, ABC's George Stephanopoulos declared that Republicans are "trying to negotiate terms of surrender." Pretty great, isn't it? This confirms what progressives have been saying for a long time: When Democrats fight with backbone, they win! Rep. Jerrold Nadler stood united with his colleagues to stare down Tea Party extremists during the shutdown. Sign our card thanking Rep. Nadler for standing firm -- and promise to stand with him against any Republican "deal" that cuts Social Security or Medicare benefits. It looks like the government will re-open with Republicans basically getting nothing. But they will get a promise to talk with Democrats about the budget in November and December. Last week, Paul Ryan announced the budget "deal" he will push as House Budget Chair -- cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. Unfortunately, the White House proposed Social Security cuts in their own budget, and there will likely be pressure on Democrats in Congress to go along. Cutting Social Security or Medicare benefits would hurt seniors and veterans throughout New York. It would also be political suicide for Democrats just as taking back the House has come within reach. Jerrold Nadler deserves to know his constituents thank him for standing firm during the shutdown -- and will stand with him in opposing Paul Ryan's "deal" to cut Social Security and Medicare. Thank Rep. Nadler for standing firm -- and promise to stand with him against cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. We will deliver your note to him this week. SIGN HERE: BOLDPROGRESSIVES.ORG