October 13, 2013


Moveon.org is claiming that this great short voiced by Ed Asner has outraged Republicans. It's basically a story of how the rich stay rich by buying media to trick us and buying politicians to do their bidding, which is never in the interest of most people's economic interests. It's a well told short that explains a lot--but look at the the spin that even a liberal democratic group puts on it: Republicans are outraged over it because it pulls back the curtain back on how they operate. Point that finger over to Democrats, too. Moveon.org knows good and well that Democrats are bought and sold by the wealthy and corporate interests. And they are helping the wealthy not pay their share of taxes. Does no one remember that Obama just won reelection claiming he'd raise taxes on those making $250,000 and up? We cheered when we heard that and voted him back in. He got in and immediately raised that number to those making over $400,000 a year. Both parties work for the rich. Meanwhile, average Americans' dreams are dying with foreclosures, kids unable to afford education and seniors skipping their medications some days to better make ends meet. This fantastic video explains a lot, but most Democrats including Obama should be shamed by this as well a Republicans. WATCH: MOVEON.ORG