October 19, 2013


You know how right wing Republican politicians will say something like "Obama's a foreign muslim" or "Women who are raped should be forced to carry the child of their rapist?" Then they'll actually raise money for their campaigns from the sickos who identify with their bizarre statements. Well, now that the government is up and running again, I'm getting tons of emails from Howard Dean and other Democrats who want me to thank the party for standing strong against the Tea Party. They want me to thank them with dollars for finally doing their job and standing up to something which was clearly insane. Only my money can encourage them to maybe do the right thing again. 70% of people polled have a negative opinion of the Tea Party after this debacle, but politicians think we'll all forget this pointless, ugly episode by the next election unless our money is used to campaign for Democrats. So by law, we must pay taxes to fund the government. Now we should also donate to the one party with enough sense to keep the government functioning? The Tea Party, resistance to Obamacare and this shutdown were the brainchildren of and funded by the conservative billionaire Koch Brothers. The 6 Walmart heirs are worth as much as the bottom 40% of the whole country earns. Can a cash-strapped, recession-riddled America ever afford to give anywhere near as much as these fat-cats? I'll trust the politician who says get money out of our elections. Obama said so once--remember the address when he scolded members of the Supreme Court for their Citizens United ruling and that Justice Samuel Alito seemed to call him a liar? The Citizens United ruling made corporations able to donate as if they were people, allowing unlimited campaign contributions made from undisclosed donors even from outside the United States! Sadly, Obama forgot about campaign finance reform before he ran for reelection. And then flip-flopped on the issue wildly: SALON.COM More money isn't the answer. Who wants to pay for a mere shift in a system which needs a complete overhaul? Truth is free. Here's a group called PFAW which seeks to elect progressives and hold politicians accountable. And it isn't just this crazy drag queen recommending it. Alec Baldwin and Norman Lear are on the board or directors. Get money out of politics or expect more hostage-taking. I just signed up to meet with a NY Senator to lobby against Citizens United and amend the Constitution. Here's what you can do-the fights' coming to NY state and has won in 500 cities already! The movement to amend the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous decisions like Citizens United v. FEC is well underway … and is headed to New York! Since the 5-4 conservative majority of the Court handed down its Citizens United decision, over 500 cities and towns and 16 states have passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment to enact free and fair elections and redefine the role of corporate power in American democracy. We need you to join the movement in New York! Our government is broken, consistently sold off to the highest bidder. The time has come to mobilize and amend the Constitution to fix it -- just as we did in the past for the right to vote and for the abolition of slavery. Constitutional amendments are warranted in only the most extreme circumstances. This is one of them. We’ll help you through the process: providing you with talking points on the need for an amendment; connecting you to activists in your district; and helping you secure the meeting in your Senator’s district office. Together, we’ll set the stage for the 2014 legislative session. In New York, a state that leads the country in political trends, the stakes couldn’t be higher. If New York calls for a constitutional amendment, the momentum added to our movement would be enormous. Sign up to today to lead a meeting with your State Senator on the need for constitutional remedies to take back our democracy! PFAW.ORG