October 18, 2013


7 Democrats decided to become turncoats, and betray the Democratic Party by aligning with the Republican Party on a bill that would prevent the government from reopening by anybody but Eric Cantor. They include the following: Ron Barber (AZ-2) John Barrow (GA-12) Dan Maffei (NY-24) Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) Jim Matheson (UT-4) Mike McIntyre (NC-7) Collin Peterson (MN-7) SPREAD THEIR SHAME. In a time when Democrats were by and large united against Republican efforts to destroy America, these 7 “Democrats” betrayed the people. Now that they have been called out, they have been Tweeting trying to cover their tracks. For example, Rep. Jim Matheson tweeted, “If up for a vote, I’d support a clean CR. While current discussions are on a 6 wk proposal, I believe we need a long term solution.” Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney tweeted, “I joined my colleagues on the House Floor to demand a vote on the Senate-passed funding bill that would end…” And Rep. Dan Maffei tweeted, “The gov’t shutdown is not a time for political games. I support the Democratic discharge petition for a ‘clean’ CR.” Strong words from people of weak character. They are just as guilty as any Republican for the shutdown, and the resulting effects of it. If you live in one of these Representative districts, you must start to primary them with somebody who will stand firm for the Democratic Party, and not run to the Republican Party the minute they see an opportunity. It is because of politicians like these 7 that the Democratic Party was perceived as weak during the Bush years. Our Party has grown leaps and bounds from that time, and there is no going back now. MORE: OCCUPYDEMOCRATS