September 03, 2013


Look at these MSNBC (our country's "liberal" news) get short-circuited by the truth. That's how rare the truth is on our news and I am impressed that MSNBC let a true liberal voice be heard. You remember liberal? Obama once painted himself as one to get out votes before he blossoming into a corporate warmonger. A few key excepts: HEATHER HURLBURLT: (Syria is) The beginning of a much larger story. We're going to be having this conversation for at least a decade. We shouldn't delude ourselves. This going to go on for years." HILLARY MANN LEVERETT: It is strikingly similar to the lead-up to the war in Iraq. Nobody is asking this basic question except our friends in Moscow, What if Assad didn't order this? The consequences for going into Syria are even more grave than Iraq. The definition of insanity. John Kerry's sarin evidence: "a joke." (Note how Kerry says his breaking evidence is is building and will continue to build. How the hell would he know if it will continue to build? If the evidence is there then present it. He can't predict the future--unless of course he intends to go to war as George Bush did, with or without evidence.) The rest of the world does not believe what we are saying for good reason. We made it up last time." People don't ask the important questions. They don't think about the consequences." It comes back to some basic concepts of international law that Obama said he would oppose when he came in. You know, I want my money back that I gave to that man. He does not have a responsibility to punish. You can argue as a progressive that we have the responsibility to protect, but there is no basis in American law or international law a responsibility to punish. What Kerry's done today should be called for what it is. Why doesn't he wait for the UN to do a thorough investigation? I didn't think that my president under George Bush would lie to me either.