July 09, 2013


MOVEON.ORG: The numbers are adding up in our favor. This year alone, six states have called for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, bringing the total to 16. Now, MoveOn members are working together with a coalition of activists, civil rights groups, and faith-based organizations on a summertime push to get more than half of Congress to co-sponsor an amendment to overturn Citizens United. Your representative, Jerrold Nadler, isn't sponsoring an amendment yet, though his voting record indicates he would be open to it with a little pushing. That's why Martha Crane, a MoveOn member in New York, started a petition to Rep. Nadler urging him to co-sponsor an amendment getting money out of politics for good. Please click below to sign the petition, and then share it with your friends to keep it going: Click here to sign the petition asking Rep. Nadler to co-sponsor an amendment that would overturn Citizens United. This is an ambitious push, but the time is now to make a bold statement that big money is on its way out of politics. MORE: MOVEON.ORG