July 31, 2013


One day Obama is saying he wants to help the middle class. The next he's nominating the guy who helped crash our economy for the head of the Federal Reserve. What a crock of sh(t! And he's defending Summers appointment to House Democrats who don't want him? Wait, a democratic president defending his appointee against Democrats? Wouldn't that make Obama a republican? I'll bet you won't hear any Republicans against Summers' appointment.. "President Obama gave a forceful defense of Larry Summers during a meeting with House Democrats today—fueling speculation the the president may appoint Summers to chair the Fed. We can’t let that happen. Email the White House right now and tell President Obama not to appoint Larry Summers. According to various news reports, President Obama staunchly defended Summers after one congressman called Summers a “bad choice” during a meeting between the president and House Democrats. The thing is—Larry Summers would be a bad choice. He helped lead the charge to deregulate Wall Street in the 90s and he dismissed concerns about deregulation just before the 2008 crash that tanked the economy. Appointing him to head the Fed would be a huge mistake. Progressive backlash against the pick already forced the White House to delay their announcement. If we keep the pressure on, we can beat this nomination. Say no to Larry Summers at the Fed: Email the White House right now." Keep fighting, Michael Langenmayr Campaign Director, Daily Kos SIGN: DAILYKOS