July 06, 2013


You know I ain't fancy folk, but I do enjoy djing for the fancy folk, celebs and socialites every year at the Empire State Pride Agenda's annual Tea Dance. Just to prove that I don't burn every bridge, I started djing for them about a decade ago and it was such a good fit that they've kept me on. They always say that no one ever danced at the event before I took over as the resident dj. I think it's because when I understand my job to be making people dance. It doesn't have to be music that I personally love, but this crowd always likes a lot of disco and that's fine with me. There are certain disco songs that NYC/Fire Island gays really latched onto like Come To Me and Love Is In The Air and they always go nuts for those in the Hamptons. One older lesbian just loved to see me spin and made a personal connection with me as I'd join her on the dance floor. I have no idea what she did in real life, but me in a wig outdoors in the Hamptons signaled to her and her posse that it was time to get down. And that she did, often shooting me an admiring wink or suggesting a song--even though she pretty much danced the whole day every year. She must have been the life of the party in her youth and she still was last summer. I'm very sad to say that she, M.J. Vineburgh, won't make it to the festivities this year as she's passed away. But I'll be dedicating quite a few songs to this good time gal and surely will miss her smiling face on the dance floor. As will everyone there. M.J. Vineburgh