June 13, 2013


Can't even believe what I've just heard on MSNBC, which is supposedly the liberal or democratic-leaning news. Chris Matthews' opening segment is on Hillary 2016. She hasn't even announced that she's running, yet that's their top story. Maybe because so many of us are so dissatisfied with Obama right now--that SWITCHEROO--they dangle the notion that times will be better once Hillary is in office. An office which she currently isn't even running for. Things will be better--in three years with Hillary, which is kind of a way of saying "You know Obama isn't going to improve this tanking country in the couple years he has left as a lame duck." So let's forget Obama's failures as these talking heads put forward the notion that Obama needs Hillary to continue his agenda as sort of a third Obama term. His agenda of what? Failure, reaching across the aisle to people who hate him, half-assed insurance reform which is a gift to the hideous insurance companies, abandoning unions, spying, drones and abandoning core democratic positions on things like his standing offer to cut social security and so that the rich can stay that way? I don't want that to continue. Do you? Then another talking head claimed that while Hillary mainly has the same policies as Obama, she would campaign as farther to the right from the president. She'd defend her indefensible vote in the Senate to attack Iraq and this would somehow gain her the support of the ignorant racist voters of Appalachia? (I guess many voters from this region are prone to distrust any woman who isn't baking biscuits while pregnant by her uncle so she has to be extra tough on defense if she wants to win.) Wouldn't that be great? Obama, who used the Tea Party as an excuse to move further and further to the center to the point where he's a moderate republican, will have an heir apparent who'll go further to the right? That's it--the democratic party is officially dead. May I remind you that it's the blue dog democrats who Hillary thinks are her ticket are the type of bribed-to-the-hilt blue dog/corporate democrat which killed the single payer option which would have created meaningful insurance reform, which killed gun background checks on guns (which 91% of us wanted) and which kill every other type of progress that democrats want. "Oh, but Hillary will let gays get married!" And if that's your only issue and you care nothing about the way this tanking country due to the current crop of democrat's party, then she may go to bat for gay marriage. Or promise to. If her Appalachian base wants her to. She has no principles other than winning and then reneging on campaign promises. Just like Obama. Time to see this corrupt party for what they are, ditch them and go independent. Just then, some breaking news interrupted MSNBC's idiotic analysis. Syria has crossed Obama's red line and the US will be taking action there. Few of us know what's going on in Syria or care but any excuse for war. What a perfect transition to a hawkish democrat like Hillary to become president. The Nobel Peace prize-winning Obama will have already gone to war in Syria. So we won't be thinking about foreclosures, unemployment, absurd tuitions and insurance costs and cutting benefits. Just military victory for America--in a war with Syria that concerns no one in the US. We just voted Obama into office because he was supposedly drawing down from the wars that we're sick of when we can't afford nation building at home. We're scrambling to make ends meet and they want to gallivant around the globe creating more war which will result in terrorists like the perpetrators of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombers retaliating against us for generations. Democrats: I know that Republicans are worse--but do Democrats sound like they're capable of doing what you want and need?