June 13, 2013


Bun-Bun interviewed on new dance single TAKE ME UP HIGH, Sex And The City, Drag Race and the new face of drag, an overall changing NYC and the recent slew of gay bashings. Interviewers take note: when you give me good questions, I give you good answers! EXCERPT: Skrufff: You famously appeared in Sex in the City: how much impact did that appearance have on your life? Lady Bunny: “It was fun but the bit part with one line didn’t affect me much. I never even got the channel that it was broadcast on. It was amusing, though, because around 75-100 drag queen extras were in the scene. Many of them felt that they’d like to be movie stars. But after waiting 13 hours in July heat to finish that one scene with no drinks, drugs or dicks to chase, I think many of them may have adjusted their aspirations towards legitimate show biz that day.” MORE: SKRUFFF.COM"