June 21, 2013


Cher is performing at the Pier Dance at NYC's gay pride to promote her latest record. I do like Cher, but even a diehard Cher fan/friend of mine had to admit that A Woman's World is not her best tune. I wonder if that's the reason it hasn't taken off or if it might have more to do with her newfound intimacy with her fans on twitter. She's on twitter a lot and fans can get their daily dose of her posting "no make-up" pics and even political rants. But before social media, if you wanted a dose of the diva you had to tune in to her TV show, see her live or buy her record. Now that fans don't have to buy the product to stay in touch with their idol, I wonder if that could be a factor in why the song didn't hit hard. Maybe she's just a little older and is taking her time with the promo? Or maybe it's just not a great song. But it does seem odd that she would wait so long to release something and not pick a winner when she finally does.