June 06, 2013


Tax-payers still bailing out banks and getting nothing in return except ROBBED! Every year, New York spends $7 billion on corporate subsidies in the name of job creation1 – and over $500 million of it ends up subsidizing big banks. Our investment in the big banks was supposed to create thousands of good jobs and generate tax revenue desperately needed for our schools and public services. So, what are we seeing now? Layoffs and broken promises. Chase intends to lay off 4,000 New York workers even though they have received well over $200 million in public subsidies from New York City.2 Bank of America pays its tellers just $11 an hour, even though it received $92 million from New York City and State.3 Merrill Lynch failed to deliver the 6,000 jobs it promised despite receiving over $22 million in public subsidies.4 SIGN: ALIGNNY.ORG